Accepted contributions online

We are pleased to announce that we had a high interest in submissions and presentations to our workshop, which resulted in eight works being presented in the dedicated research session.

Each work will feature a teaser presentation during the workshop, as well as the opportunity to discuss with the researchers in detail in two poster sessions during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks!

List of accepted contributions:

Authors Title
Seongbo Shim, Hyunseok Choi, Daekeun Ji, Wongin Kang, and Jaesung Hong Vision Guided Robotic System for Bone Drilling Based on Rolling Friction
Dimitri Schreiber, Alexander Norbash, Michael Yip MRI guided hyper-redundant biopsy robot
Kartik Patath, Rangaprasad Arun Srivatsan, Nico Zevallos and Howie Choset Dynamic Texture Mapping of 3D models for Stiffness Map Visualization
Pedro A. Patlan-Rosales and Alexandre Krupa A general framework for automatic robotic palpation
Rebecca Smith, John O’Neill and Timothy M. Kowalewski 3D Bioprinting Directly Onto Unpredictably-Moving Human Anatomy: Can Dynamic Vision Sensors Improve Performance?
Fangde Liu, Thomas Watts, Yike Guo, and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena Ultrasound Based Localization of a Biologically Inspired Steerable Needle via Convolution Neural Network
B. Haydar, B. Tamadazte, N. Andreff, and A. Bartoli 3D OCT image compression using shearlet transform
K. Rabenorosoa, Y. Baran, G. J. Laurent, P. Rougeot, N. Andreff, and B. Tamadazte Towards High Accuracy OCT-based Position Control of a Concentric Tube Robot

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